If you know me, even a little, you'll know I'm hard core obsessed with cool wine accessories and although I live in a small apartment in downtown Toronto, I spice up my life with great bottles of wine and great decanters to put them in.

I came across these hand-made glass decanters and thought I shoud tell you about them. They are made right here in Ontario so they don't travel far, and they are the perfect accessory to add to your wine cart or bar - They also make amazing gifts for the people who have everything!

Check out some of the photos below and check out the link to see more cool offerings from their website - including knife blocks, furniture and so much more!

So use your imagination and peruse through the various sizes, and get creative on what you can put in them - because although I use mine for wine (and tequila...and scotch) you can use them for so much more!

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