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Sample Testimonials

It was a pleasure working with Angela for the Bordeaux After Work Parties in Toronto and I recommend her without any hesitation. She is highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. She knows pretty much everybody in the Wine industry and she definitely possesses the ultimate "can do" attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a smile.

Kristel P. (Entrepreneur, Marketing & Communications Expert)

Angela Aiello is one of the hardest-working individuals I have ever met. More importantly, she is utterly passionate about whatever work she undertakes. Her natural intelligence and magnetic personality will gain you allies. I know that if she chooses to be on your side, your side will prosper.

Peter Ehrlich (Entrepreneur and former Toronto Star columnist)

I have worked with Angela on several LCBO marketing projects including a TV commercial, web-streaming events and most recently a webisode featuring Kevin O'Leary and his new Ontario wines. Angela is always a pleasure to work with and brings a high degree of professionalism to every project. She has a wonderful knowledge of beverage alcohol, great interview skills and a charming on-air personality. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any on-air hosting gig.

Michael Anderson (Broadcast Producer LCBO)

Simply put-Angela is a supercharged marketing and promotion machine. A rising star entrepreneur. An expert in her field. A consummate promoter and passionate wine expert, responsible for building a new and emerging category for young wine enthusiasts. I'm a big fan of and investor in Angela and her iYellow Wine Group.

Stephen Tapp (Media Innovator)

The California WIne Institute has worked with Angela Aiello and the IYELLOW WIne Group in a professional capacity for more than 5 years. Since then, Angela and her organization have proved to be most reliable and effective ambassadors for California wines in Canada. Their ongoing pursuit of broadening wine education in Canada and for making the enjoyment of wine accessible, fun and attainable is greatly valued by organizations such as ours. Our marketing efforts in Canada often include some form of partnership with Angela and IYELLOW as we believe that her organization is unique with its younger demographic who is keen to learn more about wine. Angela is professional and efficient in her approach to work and very well-liked by the wine industry in general. She is able to work both independently and as part of our team to bring the aspirational lifestyle of California to life to her target rich environment of savvy wine drinkers. Whether its her high-energy wine tasting events, or her wine education classes, Angela has been a tremendous partner to the California Wine Institute and continues to help us market our products to the IYELLOW wine audiences via her social media channels as well.

Paula Oreskovich (California Wines, c/o PRAXIS)

Angela Aiello is a star. She brings her wine knowledge and expertise to my weekly radio show "Cravings" on Talk Radio AM 640. She has already defined herself as a leading wine expert, and is now also showcasing herself as a natural media talent and broadcast contributor. Big personality, huge charm, amazing comfort level, fabulous story telling and the gift of spontaneity. These are the skills that some people work a lifetime to achieve on the radio. Ange has proven herself to be an amazing radio guest and will parlay wonderfully to television too. She's beautiful!

Christine Cardoso (Talker: Voice Over. Radio Host. Producer.)

Angela was knowledgeable, professional and charismatic in her role as our wine expert on Steven & Chris on CBC Television. Her wit and charm made her ideal for the role and her youth and enthusiasm was refreshing in a subject area dominated by the "oenophilic establishment." It also made the subject matter far more accessible in a traditionally intimidating arena. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Angela in the future and encourage others to pursue her for extensive knowledge of wine.

Dorin Greenwood (Senior Communications Advisor at Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Infrastructure)

I had the pleasure of hiring Angela to be a TV Host and Wine expert for several segments on CosmoTV. As an expert Angela has extensive knowledge of the wine world. She hasn’t just studied wine she lives it! As a host Angela brings a lot of enthusiasm and ‘play’ in front of the camera. She’s charming, well spoken, a team player, and an absolute joy to work with! Her wide range of experience coupled with her down to earth nature and charismatic personality makes wine easily digestible especially to those unfamiliar to the world of wine. She would be an asset to any production!

Jacqui Skeete (Actor/Host/Producer)

I remember meeting Angela at the Wine and Cheese show years back and signing up for this iYellow Wine Club. Years later I’m thrilled to see how an idea has flourished into an tangible and meaning group of passionate wine conversationalists. I’ve started encouraging other closet winies at my work to join this club. Thanks Angela for keeping the passion in what you do everyday with iYellow.

Steve Aps (iYellow Wine Club Member)

Angela is a dynamic woman who has created a successful wine appreciation club. She is energetic and resourceful with admirable organisational skills.

Tony Aspler (President at Tony Aspler Enterprises ltd.)

The iYellow Wine Club is a fantastic way for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn more about wine in an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and enthusiastic.

Taste TO

To put this in simple terms an AMAZING PERSON to do business with. She cooperative, reliable, eager, ambitious, tenacious and very trust worthy. I tip my hat to Angela and wish her nothing but greatness and success as she deserves nothing but the best!

Jeff Tabone (President at North American Findings and Owner, North American Findings)

I have known Angela for several years now and she never ceases to amaze me. She is extremely outgoing, professional, and an all-round expert at what she does. We have worked together on many occasions and I can only give high praise for the outcome of her endeavors. Anyone would be truly blessed to have her on their team!

Sandy Kurbis (Director of Client and Event Services at The Forefront Communications Network Inc.)

Where to start with recommending Angela? Angela has tremendous energy. Having a vast knowledge of wine and culture goes hand in hand with being social, but Angela's ability to connect with and inspire people is natural. Immediately upon meeting Angela you'll notice how genuinely friendly she is. In a world where it's getting easier and easier to meet people and forget them as fast as you met them, Angela sticks around and stays with you. If you ask me, that's rare

Rob McLaren (Partner / Creative Director at Bridge Digital Inc.)

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